4 Easy Ways to Turn Your Garage Into Your Dream Office

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4 Easy Ways to Turn Your Garage Into Your Dream Office
By Guest Author
As working from home is becoming more prevalent, an increasing number of homeowners are choosing to turn their existing garages into a dedicated office space. And if you don’t have a spare room inside your house or you need a bigger workspace, you may be considering doing the same. So let’s look at four easy ways to transform your garage into your dream office: 

Add Insulation

Your garage may be big enough to house all your office equipment and work supplies, but you want to be comfortable enough both in winter and summer to actually get some work done in it, so you may need to add insulation to the ceiling and walls as well as on the door. First, use spray foam to fill any holes, gaps, and cracks that could lead to heat loss, and check the weatherstripping on the door (and around the windows if there are any). Several types of insulation are available to weatherproof your garage, so find the one that matches your climate zone and budget by talking to a professional.

Spruce Up Walls and Flooring

Add a layer of drywall to cover your new insulation and paint your walls a color that gives you energy and is conducive to work. You can also tile the floor to give it a more finished look. As a bonus, a fresh coat of paint and polished floors have some of the best ROIs when it comes to increasing the appraisal value of your house, and they make it more appealing to potential buyers should you ever decide to put your property on the market. And if you’re self-employed or own a small business and use your garage as your office space, consider taking advantage of the home office tax deduction to offset the costs of your renovations. If you use the space regularly and exclusively for business, you should be able to qualify for it, but consult with a reputable tax professional to make sure your garage transformation qualifies.

Improve Lighting

Most garages don’t offer much in terms of natural light, and you may find it difficult to concentrate and keep your energy level up when you have to work in a poorly-lit space for hours on end. So think about adding windows to your garage door to bring in some natural daylight, and install some recessed ceiling lights that will brighten the space. Your garage’s existing shop lights and high bay lights won’t cut it if you’re doing office work on your computer, so install extra outlets around the space and invest in freestanding office lights for added visual comfort.

Increase Your Storage

If you’re planning on using your garage as a space to house your bicycles, gardening equipment, winter gear, and seasonal home decor as well as your home office, you’ll have to come up with clever storage solutions to keep visual clutter at a minimum while maximizing your workspace. Take advantage of a high ceiling to hang storage racks overhead, where you can put seldom-used items, and use a ceiling-mountable or wall rack to keep your bikes off the floor. Adjustable wall shelves will allow you to neatly organize and store tools, boxes, and containers. If you have a lot of sports equipment, you can find organizer racks to hold golf clubs, sports ball bags, and storage carts to contain things of all shapes and sizes. And for all your other odds and ends, an attractive storage trunk will serve both as a container and as a makeshift table when closed.
You don’t have to spend a fortune to turn your garage into your dream home office. But if you want to be productive, make sure to keep it organized. So take advantage of clever storage solutions, and don’t forget to invest in your own comfort. 
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